Fleur-de-lis Project

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Our client came in with a lot of old jewellery. Which she was interested in having them all remade as one ring using all the 49 diamonds.

Sam had the initial contact with the customer and got her thoughts. We removed all the diamonds from their mounts and laid them out in all types of different arrangements. Sam then did a pencil drawing of what she thought was the best arrangement. She had a fleur-de-lis inspired in mind.

Then Allan our CAD designer did a rendered image on the computer of what the ring would look like. Sam and Philip working with Allan to come up with a balanced design.

The customer was kept informed during all these steps to make her feel part of the project. Once happy with the rendered image the customer gave her approval to proceed.

Next the ring was cast in 18ct white gold. Then Philip hand finished & set the 49 diamonds. A real team effort. The result "a very happy customer".

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