J. Williams Jewellers although traditional jewellers, using hand skills that have been used for 100’s of years, handed down from many generations of master craftsmen. They combine that with modern methods and have their own in-house CAD designer.

Often a designs starts with a hand drawing or picture. Our easy 3 step system of design create and finish.

  1. Design and quote including a virtual image
  2. Create. The ring is either handmade or created in CAD or a combination of both
  3. Set and Finish. Gemstones handset and hand finished to a high polish

This logo is stamped on special items we make. We call it our “Stamp of Excellence”.

Click the images below to open in a new browser tab. Once the 3D model has loaded click and hold left hand mouse button to rotate and move the image around to view from all angles.
These are the sort of images you will receive before manufacturing has started of your special piece of jewellery.